Eka-varṇa mentioned in Brahma-vaivarta Purāṇa

(The following is an excerpt from Brahma-vaivarta Purāṇa 4.129.49-61, with English Translation and Notes. To download the full paper, click here.)

TEXT 4.129.59

man-mantropāsakā viprā ye mad-ucchiṣṭabhojinaḥ
mām eva nityaṁ dhyāyante te mat-prāṇādhikāḥ priyāḥ

Vipras who worship Me through My mantra and eat My remnants always meditate upon Me alone. They are more dear to Me than My very life.

TEXT 4.129.60

tad-upasparśa-mātreṇa pūte vāyuś ca pāvakaḥ
kaler daśa-sahasrāṇi mad-bhaktāḥ santi bhū-tale

Merely by touching them the wind and air become purified. My devotees will be on the surface of the earth for ten thousand [years] in Kali-yuga.

TEXT 4.129.61

eka-varṇā bhaviṣyanti mad-bhakteṣu gateṣu ca
mad-bhakta-śūnyā pṛthvī sā kali-grastā bhaviṣyati

After My devotees depart [from the world], there will only be people of one varṇa. Devoid of My devotees, the earth will be seized by Kali.